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How to set goals you’ll actually keep

What is it you want to change this year? Do your goals include losing a little weight, increasing your chances at finding love, or getting a new job? There’s nothing wrong with wanting change. This is something that separates humans from all other species. We are always on the path of improvement and striving for the next target. However, despite our best efforts we all know hopes and dreams of change often fail. The most obvious example is the New Year’s resolution. How often have you m...
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10 tips to cope with family stress over Christmas

The holiday season is upon us, and for many people this means fun, sun and a full social schedule. For other people, though, the season fills them with dread. --- Forget what Hallmark cards and advertisements tell you; not everyone enjoys the holiday season. Stress, anxiety and arguments are regular features of Christmastime for lots of us. It’s not always due to the in-laws from another planet, as you might assume. Sometimes stress might be because of good situations, like hosting a ...
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Career Change - A Helpful Guide

Changing Careers: A Helpful Guide

By Tania O’Neill McGowan, O’Neill Kinesiology College Managing Director In days gone by, we were expected to choose our careers while still in school, and then you stuck with that job for the rest of your days. Those days are relics of the past. We all reach a point where we question what we really want in life and whether we’re heading in the right direction. This is usually concerning the ‘big three’: relationships, health or career. Today I’ll focus on career because I’v...
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The right and the wrong ways to deal with stress

We all have strategies to cope with stress. Some are conscious efforts while others are ones we engage in subconsciously.   How do you deal with stress? Going for a walk? Watching TV? Talking it over with someone? Or wallowing in repetitive thinking until you overwhelm yourself and eventually get too tired to care? A large-scale study by the Australian Psychological Association found that the most common ways to deal with stress are: Eating = 75% of Australians Browsing ...
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Stress and the Brain | O'Neill Kinesiology College

Stress and the Brain

It’s often said that stress is bad, but this isn’t entirely true. Some stress is actually useful because it can motivate us, help us meet deadlines, or escape alarming situations. In fact, when we experience moderate stress, this is when our performance is actually at its peak. So what happens when stress is ‘bad’? Let’s first look at what is happening inside the brain when we experience stress. The emotional processing part of the brain, the amygdala, receives information from t...
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