Healing, Chakras and Kinesiology

- by Tania O'Neill McGowan Healing is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again”. In Western countries, this definition is commonly applied to the physical levels of functioning only. However, to effectively heal someone, create long lasting wellness and bring them closer to wholeness, one needs to work with the subtle energy systems as well as the physical systems of the person’s being. It is also important to address inputs from all ...
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Dr Charles Krebs - O'Neill Kinesiology College

Dr. Charles T. Krebs

Charles Krebs' incredible and varied career began long before Kinesiology; he obtained his PhD in Biology & Physiology from Boston University in the 1970s, at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Cape Cod. As a Marine Research Scientist, he taught in universities in the USA for 9 years before moving to Australia in 1983 to work as a Marine Scientist and Analytical Chemist.  Just 6 months into his seachange, Charles had a scuba diving accident, experiencing a life-threatening cerebral-spinal...
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Nicolie O'Neill and Tania O'Neill McGowan story

The Story of Us: O’Neill Kinesiology College

Nicolie O’Neill and her daughter, Tania, are the heart and soul of O’Neill Kinesiology College. However, they aren’t the likeliest of duos to start a complementary therapies school – one an accountant hailing from the Wheatbelt and the other a physicist. We chat to Director Tania O’Neill McGowan about their inspiring and unexpected story, and how the two made the college into the successful institution it is today. It started with Nicolie. Now aged in her 60s, she came from a farmin...
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Happiness - O'Neill Kinesiology College

Happiness by Tania ONeill McGowan

Happiness is a journey not a destination ~ Ben Sweetland This month contains the International Day of Happiness, so we decided that happiness could be the theme of this month! Happiness has a major impact on our health and well-being. Being happy keeps you healthy and aids in the prevention of many of today's stress related diseases and illness. Recent studies in Epigenetics show that our emotions and lifestyle can trigger the genes which cause many of these diseases. So happiness should be the...
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The Observer Self - O'Neill Kinesiology College

The Observer Self by Tania ONeill McGowan

The ability to observe oneself objectively and compassionately is an important skill to develop. The observer self is objective and detached and works with love and compassion. The objective observer does not discriminate between the good and the bad that emerges within us, it simply welcomes all aspects of our being into awareness. It stands outside of ourselves and our lives, and sees what is really being experienced. The bridge to knowing our inner wholeness is the observer self, that part...
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