Top 5 Tips to Balance Your Being

Right now the world is still recovering from the dramatic effects of COVID-19.  Our mental and physical health have been challenged in extreme ways we could never have predicted, and many people continue to struggle daily with stress and uncertainty. Some describe their struggle with the grief, anxiety and fear as relentless, overwhelming and completely […]

Healing, Chakras and Kinesiology

– by Tania O’Neill McGowan Healing is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again”. In Western countries, this definition is commonly applied to the physical levels of functioning only. However, to effectively heal someone, create long lasting wellness and bring them closer to wholeness, one needs […]

Incorporating Subtle Energies into Healthcare

– by Tania O’Neill McGowan Medicine in Western countries is currently centered on physical biological systems, with the emphasis being to diagnose pathological conditions and treat the symptoms associated with those conditions. While a state of ‘no symptoms’ is better than a state of illness, this model is costing governments billions of dollars every year […]

How I changed careers from naturopathy to Kinesiology

When we think career change, we tend to imagine stepping away from a job in one industry and moving to something completely different. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a nurse becomes a midwife, a journalist moves into public relations, and sometimes a naturopath becomes a Kinesiologist. Just because you don’t particularly love a […]

How I changed careers from beauty therapy to Kinesiology

People make lots of excuses about why a career change won’t work. They may come from yourself, well-meaning friends and family members, or even complete strangers. Do any of these sound familiar: Reason 1: You’re too old to change careers now Reason 2: You don’t hate your job, so there’s no reason for a career […]

Men’s Health Week: How Kinesiology Helped My Career

Did you know we spend about one-third of life at work? In an ideal world, we’d all enjoy what we do each day. It’s a sad fact that so many of us don’t like our jobs, others are completely stressed out by a demanding role or awful colleagues, while many others complain they don’t have […]

Men’s Health Week: Men in complementary therapies

Women have traditionally been the ones drawn to complementary therapies, either as a career choice or as a treatment option. But, times are changing! Not only have our male student numbers climbed steadily year-on-year, but we are also seeing increasing amounts of men booking treatments to help with their emotional and physical issues. We speak […]

How I left nursing and found a new career path

Have you been thinking of a career change but hoping to stay within the same industry and use the skills and knowledge you already possess? It’s definitely do-able. At our College, we’ve seen students coming to us from a huge variety of occupational backgrounds: mining, teaching, IT, law. However, nursing is a very common one. […]

Take your personal trainer career further

If you’re in the fitness industry, you know great coaching is so much more than good form and a checklist. In this day and age, it’s not good enough to be one-dimensional in your career. The fitness industry is one where you must be multi-skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of areas. Adding knowledge of […]

5 Reasons why a career in natural therapies rocks

Thinking of a career in natural therapies? Five reasons why this is a very clever decision. —— What are you looking for in a dream career? Good job prospects? Meaning and happiness? Flexibility? Self-employment? If these are appealing, you might want to look into complementary therapies. Complementary therapies, also called natural therapies, are now widely […]