The Benefits of Kinesiology

Understand the Benefits of Kinesiology.

Knowing why Kinesiology is so beneficial and how it can help you.

As a non-invasive therapy, energy kinesiology is basically a hands-on advent to wellness. It determines where the imbalances lie in the combined spirit, body and mind. Using muscle testing, the effects of stress on the neurological areas of the body, such as the brain and spinal column are determined. Using its own energy for healing, the limbs and body are placed in particular positions and pressure is gently applied as a means to open any blockages and remove stressful blocks. The idea is to keep body fluid flowing throughout our systems in a seamless and untroubled way because this is what feeds our organs and keeps us balanced.

Energy kinesiology uses the combination of muscle monitoring and energy healing to treat a host of emotional stresses such as anxiety, depression and burnout, amongst others as well as nutrition and learning difficulties.

Using muscle testing, Kinesiologists can identify which imbalances are causing certain disruptions in your body. The muscle strength is evaluated and much of the emotional discomfort can be alleviated over time with a course of simple skin surface manipulations such as rubbing and using pressure points. Illness can severely affect the strength of muscles, their energy and the signals between the brain and muscles, which is where energy kinesiology is most effective.

Used for many centuries, kinesiology has used muscle balancing to remove blockages by way of lymphatic pressure and massage. Its a holistic therapy that cannot be ignored, thanks to its effective results. By re-balancing muscle alignment the very foundations that we abuse and take for granted on a daily basis this treatment allows us to feel recharged and ready for the stresses of modern day living.

Naturally, our bodies were created with a fight-or-flight mode. However, in this day and age the setting seems to have become somewhat jammed and the adrenal glands now work overtime, making the signal go off even when there is no clear threat. Kinesiology monitors those muscles that are in a perpetual state of stress, such as the neck and back, and by using hypertonic muscle release and massage, the pent up energy is released, allowing the body to relax, the fluids to flow without hindrance, and the adrenal gland to take a load off.

Its extremely beneficial because Kinesiology gets back to the basics. By helping your body to detect and react to imbalances that modern medicine cannot fix, your body will naturally start to heal itself, with constant prompting from a Kinesiologist to ensure it remains on track.

The benefits really are plentiful and with the right training, the right Kinesiologist can certainly help to promote your mental and emotional well-being. Much like modern medicine, Kinesiology will promote nutritional advice to ensure overall therapeutic assistance and to see that patients get the best out of their experience. No qualified Kinesiologist will suggest that you abandon your GPΓs assistance, so you need to ask your therapist if he/she is fully qualified and accredited before continuing to work with them.

O’Neill Kinesiology College is a trusted centre in Perth that offers diploma courses in energy kinesiology and career opportunities. More and more people are turning to this practice for treatment and as a career option, quite simply because it works. We all know were made up of natural energy, so it would stand to reason that we need to boost our healing and energy with natural treatment.


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