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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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As a student looking for a career in Natural Therapies, Government Accreditation is extremely important, and there are a number of reasons why:

Nationally Recognized Training provides a standard against which courses and colleges can be assessed.
It assures the student that the course is of an appropriate standard.
It assures the student that the educational techniques and principles of the college are sound.
It promotes recognition of courses between training organisations and ensures that they meet government guidelines for courses.

It ensures students are studying a course that is recognized and carries credibility with both government and professional bodies that register and regulate practitioners.

As a Registered Training Organisation Nicolie ONeill Kinesiology is making a commitment to the future of Kinesiology and its practitioners. It offers accredited training with qualifications that are recognised nationally to ensure all practitioners graduating from the program maintain high standards of Kinesiology practice.

With some 20 modalities of Kinesiology being taught throughout Australia, the need was seen for an integrated and professional training course that would enable practitioners to combine the different Kinesiology approaches in a competent manner.

The fragmented approach of offering different modality workshops has meant that practitioners learn a limited range of Kinesiology techniques. In fact, students have been discouraged from extending their knowledge, as many modalities teach the same skills without recognition of prior learning.

The Nicolie ONeill Kinesiolog training program has been created to provide professional training that will lift the standard of Kinesiologists and improve their ability to offer clients the best possible results. The goal of the program is to enhance Kinesiologys reputation as a worthwhile and beneficial complementary therapy.

Both our training programs (weekday and weekend options) can be done either part-time or full-time. Full-time is the equivalent hours of two days per week and part-time 1 1/2 days per week.

No, it is approx. every 3rd weekend, i.e. 12-15 weekends out of 52 across the year.

No, we teach you everything you need to know. Anyone can learn kinesiology!

Diploma (18 months – 2 years fulltime)

Yes. You can set up your own business as a sole trader within a healthcare clinic or from home.

The VET Fee-Help program is no longer offered by the Australian Federal Government. Existing Fee-Help recipients enrolled with the College do retain some entitlements – please discuss with our Training Manager for more information.

VET Fee-Help was a loan program offered by the Australian Federal Government, where they paid your tuition fees to us and then you pay it back through the tax system when your income is above the threshold. You must be an Australian citizen to have accessed the VET Fee-Help program.

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