Happiness by Tania ONeill McGowan

Happiness is a journey not a destination ~ Ben Sweetland

This month contains the International Day of Happiness, so we decided that happiness could be the theme of this month! Happiness has a major impact on our health and well-being. Being happy keeps you healthy and aids in the prevention of many of today’s stress related diseases and illness. Recent studies in Epigenetics show that our emotions and lifestyle can trigger the genes which cause many of these diseases. So happiness should be the new drug we add to our lives. It is something we should experience every day, rather than an elusive pursuit we have in life. “When I find a good relationship, I’ll be happy” or “When I get the right job, I’ll be happy” or “One Powerball and I’ll be happy!”

Happiness is not something that comes easy to most of us because as children we were not taught to find happiness in the everyday moments of our life. Instead we become focused on external things as a means to try and feel fulfilled and happy. This of course means that when things go well we are happy and when life doesn’t go our way we are not happy. The essence or principle of kinesiology is inner happiness and well-being. Real happiness doesn’t mean having the perfect life, it means responding to life’s challenges in a positive and healthy way, understanding how you are the only person who can ever make you happy.

There is no pill, person or situation that can create real everlasting happiness, that has to come from within yourself. It is time to turn your perception inwards and take full responsibility for your feelings and your life. This is obviously a huge challenge and a life long journey of self-discovery! However, I encourage you to use this month to start working towards a life where every moment contains happiness. Self-awareness is the key ingredient, so this month, ask your Kinesiologist to help you take 100% responsibility for your happiness. We pose this challenge to our students right from their first Communication Skills class lets all embrace this challenge during March.

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