How I changed careers from naturopathy to Kinesiology

When we think career change, we tend to imagine stepping away from a job in one industry and moving to something completely different. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a nurse becomes a midwife, a journalist moves into public relations, and sometimes a naturopath becomes a Kinesiologist.

Just because you don’t particularly love a particular job, it doesn’t mean the industry is all wrong for you. Sometimes you’re on the right track but you haven’t found exactly the right fit.

This is what happened to Kinesiologist Julia Hiziak.

What was your journey into complementary therapies like?

“I heard about complimentary therapies in 2008. I was working in HR at the time; I was very ill and worked with a lady who was herself studying to be a naturopath and she recommended I see a naturopath and Kinesiologist back in Adelaide – which is where I’m from. I started studying Naturopathy in 2011, looking to heal myself from an autoimmune condition and other health issues.”

Why did you think Kinesiology could be a career for you, rather than naturopathy on its own?

“I worked in a [naturopathy] clinic for a year and, although I really enjoyed working with clients, I felt something was still missing.

I chose Kinesiology for two reasons. Firstly, my own experience of how quickly I have been able to sort out problems I had with my health without the need of any long-term supplementation – which is something I had to do with naturopathy. After years of taking supplements, I was only maintaining my bad health. Not really improving, but not getting worse. But with regular Kinesiology sessions, I was able to completely heal my body physically and emotionally and now no longer need any supplements for my lupus, allergies, and chronic pain and fatigue.

Secondly, I wanted this for my clients. It made me sad how many people you see spend hundreds of dollars in one appointment, buy so many supplements, and still get average results. One person should not need so many tablets ongoing.”

What has surprised you about Kinesiology?

“In Kinesiology, the body always tells you what is going on. The majority of the time the problem can be very different than what generally you’d think. For example, a person can come in with symptoms of adrenal fatigue which, as a naturopath, there are certain products you’d recommend. But as a Kinesiologist, you’re always asking the body what the priority is, where to go, and it could be something completely different like immune system or digestive problems. I’ve found it’s a much quicker process than using natural medicine alone.”

What is your favourite aspect of working in Kinesiology?

“My favourite aspect of Kinesiology is really just doing something I love and am passionate about. When a person is ill, has tried everything, and you can give them some hope that you can help and get them out of pain or make them feel better – that is the best feeling. So far, I have had success with clients with autoimmune conditions, candida, digestive problems, pain, and hormonal issues.

It’s also nice to see my clients come back to each appointment feeling better and their life improving. It all goes hand in hand.”

What are you doing now?

“At the moment I’m working as a fully qualified Kinesiologist (I have my Advanced Diploma) – I currently consult three days a week.”

What would you say to others in naturopathy who are considering a career change?

“I would highly recommend it! It changed my life. The results you get with Kinesiology on its own are really amazing – it still blows me away – but combining a few modalities is so powerful. O’Neill are so accommodating; they are able to find a way to work around your needs and the staff there are absolutely amazing.”


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