How I left nursing and found a new career path

Have you been thinking of a career change but hoping to stay within the same industry and use the skills and knowledge you already possess? It’s definitely do-able.

At our College, we’ve seen students coming to us from a huge variety of occupational backgrounds: mining, teaching, IT, law. However, nursing is a very common one. We chat with two Kinesiologists who have nursing backgrounds: Carmen Rutter, who is still working in nursing and currently studying Kinesiology, and Kim Moore, who is a qualified Kinesiologist.



What was your career in nursing like and why did you decide to change professions?

Carmen: “I did my nursing degree straight out of school and I have been working in the industry for 18 years now. I’ve done agency nursing for most of my career, so I’ve been in all areas of medical-surgical. I liked nursing but it was never my passion. I’d hear about people working in something that was their passion and I thought ‘I need to do that, too.’”

Kim: “I worked at Princess Margaret Hospital and also at an agency. I then worked in a health-related field after having children. I loved nursing. Nursing is for people that want to help people. After my marriage ended, I wanted to go back to nursing but I needed my registration and it had expired. I knew I’d have to study again but I wanted a helping profession that used my existing skills and knowledge.”


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What were your first steps into Kinesiology like?

Carmen: “I lived in London for nine years and went along to an intro session. I left a little disheartened and I thought it wasn’t for me. Life brought me back to Perth, and I went to the Conscious Living Expo and had a Kinesiology trial. I had been stressed with work and I burst into tears during treatment. So, I decided to go to a Kinesiologist for work-related stress. I had seen stress in hospital patients and I knew I had to do something about it before it affected me down the line. I talked to the Kinesiologist and she asked why I didn’t consider studying it myself. I was sceptical because of my previous experience but I did go to the weekend introductory course at O’Neill Kinesiology College. I signed up straightaway. It had opened up a whole new world for me.”

Kim: “I had been looking at different career options and one day I thought to Google ‘non-verbal counselling’ and wondered if there was such a thing. I wanted to look into counselling for myself and also as a career. Well, Kinesiology popped up. I read it and thought ‘this is amazing’. It was exactly what I was after: holistic, healing and empowering for clients. I went to the open day [at O’Neill Kinesiology College] a few weeks later. I watched Gloria do a fantastic balance on someone with back pain. She got them on the table and did her thing; they got off and were already better. I enrolled that day.”

How did nursing help your Kinesiology career?

Carmen: “When it comes to learning about the body’s systems, you’ve already got that basis of knowledge. Kinesiology studies these in-depth but you’re not hearing these words for the first time.”


What were some new career ‘must-haves’?

Kim: “I wanted a career with all the good aspects of nursing but without the things I didn’t like – the stress, inflexibility, shift work, weekend work, nightshifts, and no holidays. I wanted to be in the health industry but somewhere where I had more control. In Kinesiology, it’s still health but you can work your own hours and the clients are happy. It’s very positive.”

What part of your studies have you found rewarding?

Carmen: “The biofeedback. You see the evidence with your own eyes. That’s the physical, but it’s also the world of the emotions; how Kinesiology changes relationships is incredible. There’s no aspect of life that Kinesiology can’t help with: stress, physical health, mental health – even goal setting.”


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Is there anything that surprised you about Kinesiology?

Carmen: “The world of energy and energy medicine. It’s been around for thousands of years but it’s going to open up so many possibilities in the future. It’s about teaching people to be responsible for their health and that we do have the power.”

What would you say to others in nursing who are considering a career change?

Carmen: “I would definitely say to do it. If we can combine both [Kinesiology and Western medicine] going forward in the future – it’s not one versus the other – the potential impact on human health would be huge.”

Kim: “Kinesiology is so rewarding, and it heals both the client and you. I just think it’s fabulous.”

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