The Observer Self by Tania ONeill McGowan

The ability to observe oneself objectively and compassionately is an important skill to develop. The observer self is objective and detached and works with love and compassion. The objective observer does not discriminate between the good and the bad that emerges within us, it simply welcomes all aspects of our being into awareness. It stands outside of ourselves and our lives, and sees what is really being experienced.

The bridge to knowing our inner wholeness is the observer self, that part of ourselves that accepts whatever is within us. The observer self assists us in developing self-acceptance. When we judge or criticise ourselves we are coming from judgement, not our observer self. If we feel hopeless then we step back again and observe the hopelessness. We have taken over from our parents and early authority figures with our negative judgements of ourselves. We spend huge amounts of energy criticising ourselves. Sometimes this self-criticism is conscious, sometimes it is unconscious, either way it doesn’t serve us.

When we notice a negative behaviour or make a mistake in life, instead of criticising ourselves inside our head, we need to take a step back and just observe the situation. We need to notice our behaviours that are not serving us with compassion rather than judgement.  As you start to identify with the observer self you learn to welcome everything that comes to you in life as part of your spiritual growth. As long as you rationalise your negativity and deny its existence, then it is unconsciously created and you will be surprised by the results. This leads to us blaming outside circumstances and other people for things that aren’t working in our lives. These negative results can only be prevented if the negativity is allowed to become conscious and for you to acknowledge your own part in the world around you.

There is no such thing as a perfect human being, so we need to focus on growth, rather than perfection. Every single one of you are a valuable human being that deserves to be loved just as you are. By developing a compassionate self-observer we can notice how we create our own unhappiness, without judgement, and therefore start to make new choices that lead to a fulfilling, joyful, loving life! Why not use Easter as a time of renewal? This Easter, lets all let go of the inner critic and begin to develop our Observer Self. If you need some help, then ask your Kinesiologist to use this goal at your next session: I am 100% willing to be a loving and compassionate self-observer.

May you all have a self-loving and compassionate Easter.

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