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Tony Merenda

Since coming to the O’Neill Kinesiology College student clinic, I have been able to identify things in my life that I needed to change. The sessions further enhance my understanding of myself and my journey in life.

Susan Robertson

I am so excited to be writing this about my experience while attending O’Neill Kinesiology College as a client. I have been having sessions for quite a few weeks now and the difference in how I feel is amazing. I always leave after my session very relaxed and as time goes on, I do feel a lot of improvement. in my body, including my posture, which is so helpful for me. Every person I have come into contact with has been nothing but respectful and helpful to me. I am so grateful for how much attending the College has helped me. Thank you so much to all involved. I can’t wait for next year!

Lisa Gray

“I have recently had to re-think my career for the next 25 years of my working life and decided to look into studying Kinesiology with O’Neill Kinesiology College, I no longer wished to remain at a desk, staring at a computer for the next 25 years. I attended the Open Day & Introduction to Kinesiology Workshop and just knew this was for me, this is what I am going to be – a Kinesiologist. I am so excited at the prospect of learning this amazing modality and being able to help people of all ages and in all different situations. 2015 is my year of new perspectives, new learnings and renewed health – all thanks to Kinesiology.”

Karen Murphy

“I was already interested in alternative health and when a friend recommended Kinesiology I booked an appointment quickly. At the first appointment I knew straight away that this was what I had been looking for not only in terms of my health but also in terms of a new career! A month later I signed up to study for 3 years with O’Neill Kinesiology College for my Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology! In this time my health has continued to come on leaps and bounds. This is through regular balances with my own Kinesiologist and the balances and work we do on ourselves whilst studying for the course. I am a different person to who I was at the start of course; I am more able to express my emotions easily, deal with stressful situations effectively and a have a more positive outlook and a new found zest for life! I am also pleased to say that in the last month I have started my own Kinesiology business. I am so excited that I will be able to help people with Kinesiology and am looking forward to what the future will bring. Studying Kinesiology and having regular balances on myself has opened up a whole world of opportunities for me!”

Pamela Henderson

“After being a patient and seeing the benefits of kinesiology, suddenly Im Now a student. I KNOW -every time, I’m in the right place for me. The content delivered echoes every belief I hold to be true, aligning with my highest, most authentic self, stimulating my inner being and it’s worth every trip through the traffic and every effort to be here, even the payments. We practice everything and have all these mini tune ups. I don’t feel out of place and I’ve met such wonderful people as class mates and teachers…mentors, even. I feel grateful and blessed that I chose this college to teach me and that this college is available to teach me. That I trusted myself enough to investigate all the options and decide on this one. I found the best, aligned with my passion, nothing less. And it’s exciting! I will be an empowered Energetic Kinesiologist from O’Neil Kinesiology College (not just any old college or Kinesiologist) operating my own clinic, my own business, and helping others evolve and transform while I continue to do the same…something I’m passionate about…something so very important to me. I’ve found my launching pad. I am evolving, growing and transforming closer to my authentic being and it’s GREAT. Life is less and less complicated with less ‘drama’.”

Jennifer Gallanagh

“I used to suffer with severe stomach pain which would leave me doubled over for up to 30mins at a time. After having numerous endoscopies and colonoscopies which came back with nothing I tried kinesiology. From then I was hooked. After several sessions the pain was gone! I was so intrigued by this holistic approach to better health and well being that I started the college to learn how to do it myself. From my time as a student I have been receiving and giving regular balances. From receiving them my love life, professional life and relationships with family and friends have all changed for the better. I worry less, love more and find that things which used to annoy me don’t bother me as much anymore. Don’t get me wrong I am not perfect by any means but I have learned to accept that and work on myself. Giving balances is extremely rewarding, every person is different and wants different things and it is a great feeling knowing you are making even a little difference in peoples lives. My goal is to spread the word of kinesiology, be the best kinesiologist I can be. If more and more people know about how amazing it is and have regular balances for themselves, what a nicer world we would live in.”

Alina Copping

“Although I had enough skills to practise kinesiology after completing the Diploma I found I was lacking in confidence when it came to working in a professional clinic. Completing the Advanced Diploma has given me that confidence. The Advanced Diploma really does help you to integrate all your kinesiology skills so you can provide thorough and effective balances for clients. The communications skills that formed part of the Advanced Diploma were beneficial in shifting beliefs that were limiting me as a kinesiologist. I now believe in myself a professional kinesiologist. With my new found confidence I feel that I can tackle anything. I thoroughly recommend kinesiology students continue their studies and complete the Advanced Diploma it is like the icing on the cake.”

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