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Welcome To O’Neill Kinesiology College

Begin your life changing journey today with O’Neill Kinesiology College. Do you want to become a highly valued and recognised health care professional, help others improve their physical, nutritional, mental and emotional health while discovering your own self-awareness along the way?

If this sounds like you then why not learn Kinesiology? Start your education at our highly esteemed college and become a Kinesiologist. Find more information on our website, book a meeting with a course advisor or visit our campus, located only 10 minutes from the Perth city in Myaree.

As Western Australia’s premier training college for kinesiology study, O’Neill Kinesiology College is recognised as a quality institution that is staffed by highly skilled and qualified teachers who have industry experience.

Our up-to-date, integrated and hands-on approach to every part of our curriculum ensures you are given the best opportunity to learn. Kinesiology is growing in WA as it is considered an excellent non-invasive treatment that contributes greatly to physical rehabilitation, emotional and mental well-being.

Welcome To O’Neill Kinesiology College

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to long-lasting health and vitality, with results that can be felt immediately. It melds ancient eastern energetic healing arts with western physiological healing sciences to address a wide-range of physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and spiritual issues.

What Clients Say About Us

“I attended the Open Day & Introduction to Kinesiology Workshop and just knew this was for me, this is what I am going to be – a Kinesiologist. I am so excited at the prospect of learning this amazing modality and being able to help people of all ages and in all different situations.”