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About O'Neill Kinesiology College

History of O’Neill Kinesiology College

Nicolie and Tania have become champions for the practice of Kinesiology in Western Australia. Recognising the need for accredited training that would enable Kinesiologists to be recognised alongside other health care professionals, Nicolie and Tania embarked on a journey to create a Training Accreditation Council recognised Kinesiology Diploma that could be easily accessed by Western Australians. Today O’Neill Kinesiology College is the only Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Western Australia that offers two levels of government accredited Kinesiology training: Diploma of Kinesiology and Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology. All courses are delivering world class Kinesiology training to Western Australians. Our aim is to make a difference to people’s physical and emotional health, while at the same time providing an opportunity for individuals to embark on an exciting and highly rewarding career that is not only financially successful, but also spiritually fulfilling.

Our Vision

We deliver World Class Kinesiology Training by ensuring that our delivery is aligned with the latest research and developments in the Kinesiology Industry.

Our training staff are the most qualified Kinesiologists in Western Australia.

They continually strive to excel in all areas of kinesiology training and knowledge. Their level of skill ensures that students in our college graduate as highly skilled, proficient Kinesiologists with a career that is fulflilling and financially sustainable.

Our aim is to raise the standards of practice and qualifications of registered Kinesiologists. We are committed to working in partnership with the kinesiology community to achieve this, thereby ensuring Kinesiologys continued growth, respect and reputation as a complementary therapy.

Training resources

The training program at O’Neill Kinesiology College is the most integrated, dynamic and up-to date program in Western Australia. We offer comprehensive kinesiology classes that teach you basic anatomy and physiology; and provide you with all the kinesiology techniques and information you need to be able to work effectively as a kinesiology practitioner.

At O’Neill Kinesiology College we guarantee you:

  • On-going supervised practice every week
  • Classes combining theory and hands-on practice by highly skilled trainers
  • Flexible training options including weekend & weekday programs
  • High quality training manuals and workbooks
  • Relevant, varied assessment methods
  • The latest in cutting-edge kinesiology research from around the world
  • An enjoyable and supportive environment to learn and grow
  • Personalised tuition if required

You can find out more about our kinesiology training courses online, here on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on (08) 9330 7443.

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