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Introduction to Kinesiology (Sep 12&13)

Start Date: 12 September, 2024
End Date:13 September, 2024
Price: 250.00

Kinesiology addresses the structural, nutritional, hormonal, and emotional stresses common in our everyday life.
It melds ancient Eastern energetic healing arts with Western physiological science to create and restore balance.
At this workshop you can explore, have fun, meet new people, and see if learning kinesiology is the path for you.

In this course, simple yet powerful corrections are applied using muscle monitoring to create balance within the meridian system of the body.

September 12 & 13

12th September 9am-5pm

13th September 9am-3pm

Cost: $250

This is a fun, hands-on workshop which introduces you to the
following techniques, which can be applied immediately to your life:

• Muscle monitoring
• Kinesiology pre-checks
• Pause lock
• Chakras

• Emotional Stress Defusion
• Alarm Points
• Hand Modes & more

If you would like to experience first-hand how Kinesiology can help you create happiness and
well-being in all areas of your life then enrol in this Introduction to Kinesiology Workshop.

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