Top 5 Tips to Balance Your Being

Right now the world is still recovering from the dramatic effects of COVID-19.  Our mental and physical health have been challenged in extreme ways we could never have predicted, and many people continue to struggle daily with stress and uncertainty. Some describe their struggle with the grief, anxiety and fear as relentless, overwhelming and completely consuming. Every where around the world people are seeking guidance on how to calm our overwhelmed states of being.

So now, more than ever before, it is the perfect time to shine a light on things we can do to support ourselves and our communities. Below are some simple techniques that can give you immediate relief.  They are free to do and easily applied.

 Practiced daily our Top 5 Tips to ‘Balance your Being’ can help to give you back a sense of calm and peace.  Enjoy!


  1. ESD Holding

When we are stressed or worried our internal brain areas use all the energy and blood supply to maintain a state of anxiety. ESD stands for Emotional Stress Diffusion and is a very easy technique that can help with calming the mind as well as focussing on creating the future. From a basic view point, when we close our eyes and think about our goal in a positive sense, as if it has already happened, we are tricking the brain into believing it is true. Add to this the holding of some Kinesiology ESD points and you are then able to energetically and vascularly encourage flow back to the reasoning and creative areas of the brain, thus calming the internal neurological stress.  Complete as follows for best results:

  • Think about a positive thought, something that you wish already was in your life. 
  • Place two fingers from each hand on the middle of each eye brow and gently glide directly up the forehead, approx. 1-2cm, until you feel a slight bump. This point is known as your frontal eminence.  You will be holding the tips of your two fingers  on this point, both on the left side and the right side at the same time.
  • Take 3 slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Think about your goal in the positive as if it has already happened.  Try to imagine what you are wearing, what things are around you, any smells you notice, are there other people there with you and most importantly how do you feel.  Focus your attention strongly on your positive feelings.
  • Hold and think of this goal for 5 minutes or until you feel a gentle pulse in ALL finger tips at the same time. 

For added comfort, do this whilst lying down or resting your elbows on a table

2. Affirmation

Our mind is always focusing on something, so lets encourage it to deliberately focus on something good rather than constant worry. 

  • Write a simple affirmation and read it several times throughout the day.  You could use something like “Every day in every way, everything is working out great for me”  or “ I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m terrific and I’m going to have a great day”  (I love this one from Zig Ziglar) 

Remember what the mind can see and believe it will create to achieve.

3. Ionisation

Do this each morning when you wake up:

  • Gently press on the right side of the nostril to block the intake of air.
  • Breath in through the left nostril and then out through the mouth. Do this for 5 slow deep breaths. 

The nostrils are designed to oscillate and take in positive and negative ions from the air.  When breathing through the left nostril only, we help the body to absorb the correct ions that support a calm start to the day.  This is also helpful if  you are having trouble sleeping.  For a more alert and active mind block the left side and breath slowly and deeply through the right nostril.

4. Meditate

Often people think that meditation is sitting in a quiet dark space, having candles burning with legs crossed and chanting a special om.  Whist that is an awesome thing to do  and a special time to yourself, its not always very practical or even an available option.  There are other forms of mediation we can build into our day:

  • Moving meditation:- put some music on and dance around the kitchen, lounge, back yard, bedroom, anywhere you like!
  • Natures mediation:- gardening or take a walk along a bush track or around the lake.
  • Relaxing meditation:- soak in the bath with some epsom salts, candles, quiet music.
  • Creative meditation:- colour in, paint, knit, cross-stitch or do a jigsaw puzzle.  Any activity that helps the brain focus on a simple, creative and enjoyable task can be very calming and is usually a readily available option.

5. Cut back caffeine, Cut back sugar and Get more sleep

Insufficient sleep and overstimulation from caffeine and sugar affects our bodies ability to regulate its hormone production and manage its adrenal function.  When you already have day to day stress on top of this, it’s a recipe for anxiety and mental health.

  • Stop all caffeine, and sugar by 1pm each day. 
  • Take a short walk around the garden with your shoes off when you get home from work.  The earth acts as a grounding circuit and helps to stimulate the bodies release of positive neuro chemicals in a calming way.
  • Add some relaxed deep breaths and focussed feelings of appreciation whilst you consciously connect with the nature around you and like magic, good vibes flow.

These are 5 great quick and easy options. You can do them alone, with your family or even with your work mates.  It’s an important time to keep checking in, sharing and supporting each other.  

For bigger stresses, remember that a highly skilled Advanced Diploma Kinesiologist is able to provide long lasting and life changing results. They will help you to become and stay grounded, reduce stress and repetitive thinking, returning a sense of confidence and peace to your life.  

Stay connected, stay balanced and stay well everyone.

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