Industry Update

This is an exciting time of change for our industry with the new Health Training Package being released last month. The Complementary and Alternative Health Industry is in the process of raising its standards to ensure quality of service is received by consumers. Two of the major changes are (1) the Diploma of Kinesiology has become the entry level qualification for the Kinesiology industry; (2) there is a requirement for supervised clinic to be undertaken as part of the assessment processes in all Complementary health qualifications. While these changes may have an impact on existing practitioners in the short term, they are positive improvements that will raise the standards of service in the long term. If you are currently working as a Kinesiologist, you will need to look to your industry association for guidance on any changes to your practitioner registration. Graduates of O’Neill Kinesiology College who have an Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology should find there is only minimal impact on them, if any. We will look to offer continuing education classes for graduates where appropriate to meet new association requirements.

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